Although we're a global multicultural company and encourage diversity, we're also heavily invested in training and developing Nationals for future sustainability. Our workforce is growing throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and we highly encourage talent in those countries to join our team for rewarding careers that come with a number of opportunities for growth and learning.

Al-Futtaim’s Nationalisation Policy includes clearly structured development programmes and aims to employ national talent within each operating country. These programmes allow employees to obtain the necessary skills and abilities required within the workplace, as well as set them up for a progressive career path.

Our Nationalisation Programme, Mehmal Al Marifa which means ‘a vessel collecting knowledge/people/assets moving around the globe’, specifically offers career opportunities and international exposure for talent in the MENA region.

We offer flexible employment options to accommodate different needs, including full and part-time positions, weekend and summer jobs, and have a full range of opportunities from apprenticeships to senior management roles.

If you're a recent National graduate, take a look at our Future Leaders Programme here - an exciting and challenging career development opportunity for high-achieving future leaders.