AF25777 - Country Interior Design Leader | IKEA - Regional Office | Dubai

Department: IKEA
Country: United Arab Emirates
Location: Dubai | UAE
Closing Date: 12-Apr-2017

Established in the 1930s as a trading business, Al-Futtaim is one of the most progressive regional business houses headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Al-Futtaim employs in excess of 44,000 people, operates through more than 200 companies and represents more than 225 international brands across industries as diverse as retail and wholesale trading, distribution, real estate development, leisure and hospitality, insurance and financial services. The group has significantly expanded its business operations in recent years through a strategic acquisition plan and has entered a number of new territories, increasing its footprint beyond the GCC and Greater Middle East to encompass Africa, South East and North Asia, Australasia, East Africa and Europe.

Entrepreneurship and rigorous customer focus has enabled Al-Futtaim to grow its business by responding to the changing needs of the customers and societies in which it operates. Al-Futtaim is committed to offering customers an unrivalled choice of the world’s best brands with exceptional standards of customer service and after sales support.

Structured into four operational divisions; automotive, financial services, real estate and retail, Al-Futtaim maintains a decentralised approach, giving individual businesses flexibility and versatility to maintain a competitive stance. This benefits employees, providing a clearly defined work culture where individuals are empowered with authority and responsibility for their work.

The success of Al-Futtaim is attributed to proactively managing change whilst upholding the values of integrity, service and social responsibility. The majority of businesses, built on a portfolio of world leading brands, dominate their sector.


The foundation of Al-Futtaim’s retail network was established in the early 1990s with the launch of the internationally renowned and popular IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Toys R Us and ACE franchises in the UAE.

Representing some of the world’s most popular international brands, Al-Futtaim’s retail network extends throughout the UAE, GCC and North Africa and has a significant presence in Singapore and Malaysia following the acquisition of The Robinson Group in 2008.

In 2012, Al-Futtaim acquired a shareholding in Royal Sporting House, which is active in distribution, direct retail stores and shop-in-shops. The Singapore-based fashion, sports and lifestyle retail giant has 600 stores and many additional points of sale are spread around the world with over 399 in South East Asia, over 74 in the Middle East and over 126 in the South Pacific region.

  • 837 stores in 18 countries
  • Occupies 5.6 million sq. ft. of retail space
  • 13,000 employees
  • Serves 30 million customers each year


IKEA is the world's largest home furnishings store, founded in Sweden over 60 years ago. Our operations around the world are constantly increasing with new stores and markets added to the success story.

At IKEA not only our furniture is down to earth, straightforward and inspiring, but so is our work ethics. Despite being the leading home furnishing retail franchisee across the world, we at IKEA still give you the room to grow! At IKEA "creating a better everyday life for the many" isn't only our vision, it's our way of life!

Job Purpose:

To contribute to positioning the IKEA store as the “Leader in life at home” in our market in order to maximise sales and long-term profitability. I do this by securing the effective implementation of global solutions using my knowledge of people’s life at home and consumer buying behaviour in my market and my interior design skills to adapt these to meet our national needs.


To secure relevant, functional, aesthetic and commercial home furnishing solutions in IKEA organisations that stimulate home furnishing interest in each local market thereby contributing to positioning the IKEA Brand as the leader in life at home.


To work with the Service Office (SO) Communication & Interior Design (Com&In) colleagues Marketing, and other functions to secure the alignment of our stores with global and national priorities within the assigned areas of responsibility.


To inspire and surprise visitors by presenting and communicating the IKEA home furnishing offer with strong visual impressions that exceed visitors’ expectations. 

About the Job:


• Actively introduce new strategies to the regional interior Design manager for implementing the country business plan and the Regional Com&In plan to support the optimisation of sales and our long-term growth by:

• Support the stores and all customer touch points to ensure the uniqueness of the IKEA Brand identity in range presentation and in order to distance us from the competition. Taking ownership for how we are working with local adaptation store in our region.

• Using interior design knowledge to strength the connection between life at home, the needs of people living in our market and the solutions we show in all store media.

• Using knowledge of the IKEA Concept, strategic messages and the IKEA copy and visual identity to plan, create and communicate to the stores range presentation that support the commercial priorities and facilitate the mechanical sales system.

• Working with SO Com&In and Marketing colleagues, Sales leaders, In-store Logistics and other SO functions to agree and focus on our national priorities. Together developing solutions that present and communicate the IKEA product range in a way that reflects its width and depth and strengthens our low-price profile on all levels.

• To working closely with the Com&In regional activity leader, regional marketing department colleagues and other SO colleagues to ensure the regional business calendar messages are communicated in a clear, consistent and inspiring way, supporting commercial priorities and reflecting seasonality.

• To work with the SO commercial team and store Com&In managers to ensure they have a deeper knowledge and understanding of how the effective application of the store layout as a commercial tool, range presentation and store communication give us a competitive advantage.

• Working with SO Com&In colleagues and the commercial team to plan and implement new stores and rebuilds to secure that the IKEA Concept reflects our local market needs.


• Lead, inspire and challenge the Interior Design Managers to strengthen the uniqueness of the IKEA identity in range presentation and home furnishing solutions such as room settings, homes, vignettes and sales support areas.

• Demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of people’s needs and wants, their living situations and living conditions and consumer buying behaviour in my national market and I am inquisitive to find out more.

• Analyse the IKEA Customer Satisfaction survey, IKEA Brand Capital and other visitor feedback and use these insights to work with the store interior design mangers in storesto improve the experience of our visitors and convert them into satisfied customers.

• Working with the regional visual merchandise leader, regional activity leader and Marketing to ensure consistency in how we communicate throughout our stores and web.

• Supporting the stores to ensure the implementation of up to date store solutions using the layout to create optimal visual impact, a good overview and support our commercial priorities.

• Working with my SO Com&In and Marketing colleagues to ensure that all we communicate is consistent, understandable and cost-effective for them to implement in all medias.

• Actively support in the development of the country business plan and Com&In action plan with interior design initiatives that are focused on growing the business and support long-term profitability. Contribute with deep knowledge and home furnishing competence in working together with the Com&In team and other functions.

• Work to key performance indicators (KPIs) Evaluate the return on investment (quantitative and qualitative) of any new solutions to ensure value for money and the achievement of our stated objectives. Ensure all initiatives grow our business and support sustained long-term profitability.


• Sharing good ideas and coaching the interior design mangers in our store to improve their competence.

• Support and coach the store interior design mangers to secure that our graphic communication is prioritized, placed correctly, consistent and understandable, clear and uncluttered with the customer in focus.

• Ability to coach and educate SO Com&In colleagues, other functions and our communications leaders on how to work with manuals, global directions and tools within my area of responsibility.

• Manager for graphic designer and Copy writer


• Support with the regional expansion plans whenever necessary including commercial planning, build up and opening phases.
• Supporting with current ways of working and business practices.

About You:
  • Job-Specific Skills:

    • understands customer buying behaviour and buying decisions
    • knows the competition on the local market
    • has experience in incorporating the commercial calendar into the Communication & Interior Design action plan
    • has thorough knowledge of the role and responsibilities of a Country Graphic Communication Leader
    • perfect knowledge of Adobe creative suite CS6 for both Mac and PC

    Behavioural Competencies :

    Interpersonal Skills, Business Acumen, Problem Solving, Confident, Leadership Skills and Strategic Thinking.

Note: you will be required to attach the following: 1. Resume/CV
2. Passport-size photograph
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