AF25579 - Sales Leader | IKEA - Regional Office | Dubai

Department: IKEA
Country: United Arab Emirates
Location: Dubai | UAE
Closing Date: 18-Feb-2017

Established in the 1930s as a trading business, Al-Futtaim is one of the most progressive regional business houses headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Al-Futtaim employs in excess of 44,000 people, operates through more than 200 companies and represents more than 225 international brands across industries as diverse as retail and wholesale trading, distribution, real estate development, leisure and hospitality, insurance and financial services. The group has significantly expanded its business operations in recent years through a strategic acquisition plan and has entered a number of new territories, increasing its footprint beyond the GCC and Greater Middle East to encompass Africa, South East and North Asia, Australasia, East Africa and Europe.

Entrepreneurship and rigorous customer focus has enabled Al-Futtaim to grow its business by responding to the changing needs of the customers and societies in which it operates. Al-Futtaim is committed to offering customers an unrivalled choice of the world’s best brands with exceptional standards of customer service and after sales support.

Structured into four operational divisions; automotive, financial services, real estate and retail, Al-Futtaim maintains a decentralised approach, giving individual businesses flexibility and versatility to maintain a competitive stance. This benefits employees, providing a clearly defined work culture where individuals are empowered with authority and responsibility for their work.

The success of Al-Futtaim is attributed to proactively managing change whilst upholding the values of integrity, service and social responsibility. The majority of businesses, built on a portfolio of world leading brands, dominate their sector.


The foundation of Al-Futtaim’s retail network was established in the early 1990s with the launch of the internationally renowned and popular IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Toys R Us and ACE franchises in the UAE.

Representing some of the world’s most popular international brands, Al-Futtaim’s retail network extends throughout the UAE, GCC and North Africa and has a significant presence in Singapore and Malaysia following the acquisition of The Robinson Group in 2008.

In 2012, Al-Futtaim acquired a shareholding in Royal Sporting House, which is active in distribution, direct retail stores and shop-in-shops. The Singapore-based fashion, sports and lifestyle retail giant has 600 stores and many additional points of sale are spread around the world with over 399 in South East Asia, over 74 in the Middle East and over 126 in the South Pacific region.

  • 837 stores in 18 countries
  • Occupies 5.6 million sq. ft. of retail space
  • 13,000 employees
  • Serves 30 million customers each year


IKEA is the world's largest home furnishings store, founded in Sweden over 60 years ago. Our operations around the world are constantly increasing with new stores and markets added to the success story.

At IKEA not only our furniture is down to earth, straightforward and inspiring, but so is our work ethics. Despite being the leading home furnishing retail franchisee across the world, we at IKEA still give you the room to grow! At IKEA "creating a better everyday life for the many" isn't only our vision, it's our way of life!

About the Business:

One of the companies bearing Al-Futtaim name is IKEA.

IKEA is the world’s largest home furnishings store, founded in Sweden over 60 years ago. At IKEA not only our furniture is down to earth, straightforward and inspiring, but so is our work ethics. Despite being the leading home furnishing retail franchisee across the world, we at IKEA still give you the room to grow! At IKEA “creating a better everyday life for the many” isn’t only our vision, it’s our way of life!

About the Job:


To support the development of sales in an efficient and effective way in all media, in order to attract more customers who come more often and buy more. We do this by optimising our sales priorities, commercial activities and ensuring the right forecasts for our total offer. Support the Sales Manager in  developing and executing sales steering, selling the IKEA way, range grouping, pricing, range management and launches.



Support the Sales manager to optimise sales and gross margin and profit within my home furnishing businesses (HFB). I work with the shopkeepers in my home furnishing business to ensure they understand the strategies and how best to present the range in a commercial way.


I work with my stores and IKEA of Sweden to use our knowledge of our customers in our market, to ensure our customers` home furnishing needs are reflected in the IKEA range now and in the future.

I see the stores through the eyes of my customers and give constructive, honest feedback to my shopkeepers on how they can improve the shopping experience for our customers.

I analyse individual store performance/customer feedback. I use this information to identify good solutions and ideas for improving the IKEA mechanical sales system and easy buying process. This allows me to best assist my shopkeepers in securing that our customer can Search, Find, Choose and Buy in order to sell more.



My overall objective is to support the growth of sales and sustain long term profitability. I do this by:

Clearly communicate business strategies and priorities to my shopkeepers in a way which motivates them to take ownership for their part in achieving the overall goals and the IKEA objectives.

Support the business growth by contributing to a commercial calendar which supports the commercial priorities and inspires more people to visit the stores.

Proactively monitoring national competition and competitors, taking fast actions to ensure that the IKEA store secures the lowest price, so as to be the first choice for home furnishings.

Actively encouraging my shopkeepers to understand their local markets and provide feedback to me, so that together we can maximise commercial opportunities.

Work with my shopkeepers by giving them constructive feedback in order to develop their commercial skills.

Analysing current trends in order to predict and optimise current and future commercial opportunities. This is achieved by working in co-operation with stores, IKEA of Sweden and the IKEA supply chain

Supporting the stores in their drive to sell their volume commitments, monitoring their sales results and following up on deviations in order to improve poor performance and share good examples.

Keeping my stores updated on their performance, good examples, major stock availability issues and important product information.

Ensuring that all product information in all media is correct and complete and that the appropriate volumes are available in the supply chain.

Ensuring that all my actions are aligned with our objective of becoming the leader in life at home and growing with sustained long term profitability.



I actively work with my shopkeepers and understand their business development needs and work with them to secure their competence development.

I visit my stores and work with my shopkeepers to help them identify commercial potential that will improve performance. I set goals with them and agree follow ups. I also keep the store    sales manager updated on agreed actions.

I communicate my home furnishing business priorities to my shopkeepers and motivate and support them in achieving their goals.

I work with the sales manager to identify my successor.

I encourage my shopkeepers to work as a team, networking between stores and sharing good examples and successes.

I am responsible for my own development and look to my manager and my matrix for support in improving my competences.



I ensure all initiatives grow our sales and support the sustaining of long-term profitability.

I co-ordinate national price deviation actions, optimising commercial opportunities and the handling of outgoing products and overstock.

I regularly analyse and follow up on sales to steer my shopkeepers towards achieving their sales targets and gross margin goals and take actions accordingly.

I control costs through working in a lean, simple, cost-conscious way using best practise and continually look to find more effective ways of working.

Note: you will be required to attach the following: 1. Resume/CV
2. Passport-size photograph
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