Al-Futtaim believes that by training and developing Nationals, it is investing in future sustainability. Al-Futtaim has an established Nationalisation policy and clearly structured development programmes to attract and retain Nationals.

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Al-Futtaim’s investment in Nationalisation continues to grow in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Al-Futtaim focuses on employing National talent within the countries it operates. Al-Futtaim builds rewarding careers for Nationals through equipping talented individuals with the skills required in the commercial workplace.

Mehmal Al Marifa, which means ‘a vessel collecting knowledge / people / assets moving around the globe’, is Al-Futtaim's Nationalisation programme which aims to offer career opportunities and international exposure to Nationals in the MENA region.

National applicants are prioritised in the recruitment process and offered structured development programmes to ensure that they are fully equipped with the required skills and abilities required in the workplace and to further their careers with Al-Futtaim.

Al-Futtaim offers Nationals flexible work options including full time and part time positions, weekend employment and summer jobs. Opportunities for Nationals are provided at all levels from apprenticeships to senior management positions. To view current vacancies for National candidates, please visit our Job Search page.